5 Effective Tips To Get Free Website Traffic

How do I get free website traffic? Where can I get free website traffic? How do you get free website traffic?

Nowadays, getting free website traffic is on everyone’s website wish list. Im asked about free ways to get website traffic all the time and my answer is generally the same.

Before we get started, my name is Kevin and today I want to share with you my tips on getting free website traffic.

Well, Let’s get started!

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1. Drive Free Website Traffic Using Social Media Networking

Stirring up some noise and expressing yourself is what social media is all about. Depending on the market, your website or business targets, there is more than likely a free traffic source here for you.

I will start by saying that just creating social account and saying “hey, I’m on Facebook” isn’t going to get you much free social traffic.

Also just following your current connection and family member isn’t going to increase brand awareness too much.

Social media networks all have ways of using something simple like #hashtags or niche groups to get attention by targeted users.

Just as an example, promoting this article on social media I would target consumers like yourself. Assuming you are a business owner or website owner. I would promote to entrepreneurs and business owners using hashtags such as #entrepreneurship or #business to target those types of users.

Ready to Build your Future?

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What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a user friendly method of categorizing bits of text content using a word or phrase. Ex. #freewebsitetraffic

Similar to tags to a video or blog post, hashtags are powerful keywords that help drive free traffic to your website.

Social media groups are like directories full of like minded or interest specific users. If your company sells ice cream, search Facebook group for ice cream. You will likely find a group like “ice cream lovers” with 89,000+ users.

Now that may seem strange but those users are now 89,000 potential customers within a few posts. That’s free targeted marking in social media and it leads to free website traffic.

Rule of thumb, don’t be spammy but don’t be ghost. Reply to your customers asking questions and keep messages unique and respectful.

Open Graph & Automate Social Share Results

Let’s also cover using open graph data inside your website. So open graph or OG is built up of a few small meta tags that serve custom text about each page of your website.

Social media shares are excellent sources of free unique website traffic. However if your open graph tags are not setup, each share could look unprofessional or even misleading sometimes.

Open graph isn’t some complicated coding. There are various ways to accomplish this with ease. WordPress websites generally run WordPress SEO by Yoast which instantly gives you all the options you need for basic open graph.

You will want a designer to create social OG images that automatically get used when someone shares your website on social media. You also get to modify the title and description of the page to make it super professional.

Open graph allows you to make sharing your website professional which leads to free website traffic.

If you have questions or need professional help with your open graph integrations, feel free to reach out to us.

For now let’s move on to another free tip for website traffic.

2. Better Pinpoint Target Audiences On Search Engines.

For some, you might be asking “what does that even mean?”Most websites survive by implanting themselves into search engines with quality content.

Google has millions of daily users all looking for something. The question is do you have it and have you taken the steps to rank higher in search engines.

Website traffic from search engines like google or bing is considered organic traffic. This traffic is also higher quality and larger volumes due to the SEO ranking factors.

Most people that are new to search engine optimization think it must be complicated. It can get complicated but in general anyone could handle a large portion of these factors.

Typical SEO edits consist of simple title text edits, keyword analysis, image alt tags, page load time and site speed plus a few other things.

I see many sites that lack just 20 minutes per page and they could gain free website visitors.

Last note on free search engine traffic, you absolutely have to use free search engine tools like google search console. Bing has their own which also works the yahoo network.

These tools allow you to see how many people are searching for particular key phrases that your website already has some ranking within. You can see the keywords that people search in common plus the more long tail keywords.

Try integrating those into the page that ranks for that keyword. Yes, this is a little more tedious but the reward gets greater over time!

Repetition is key in this area and will lead to a massive amount of organic website traffic.

3. Easy Email Marketing Help

Easy email marketing is one of the oldest and still most used marketing tactics for free website traffic. You need several tools to do it effectively but you can certainly get the basics absolutely free.

We really need 3 things assuming you already have a website:

  1. Free Mailchimp Account
  2. Free Gmail Account (you may already have)
  3. General Photo editor (free or paid)

Mailchimp Free

Mailchimp allows you to use a simple form on your website to collect email addresses from users visiting your website. Once the emails are collected, they are stored in the Mailchimp “list”.

You will also have a simple, easy to use email template builder. Design and send eblast to up to 2000 users at once free! As this time you get to send 12000 emails per month to 2000 users.

Free Gmail Email Accounts

Gmail is good for creating an alternative free email account. If your eblast allows users to reply back with questions for leads, you may not want all the question coming to you main inbox.

I personally have to many Gmail accounts to keep up with. But each serves a general purpose.

So the photo editing software is to help you cut images to fit email layouts. I personally like to keep images to a minimum but clean and crisp.

Let’s face it, nobody likes spammy looking junk mail! It’s like walking to the mailbox excited to see you sent the biggest bill this month..

Keep your email marketing clean and direct. Make the user feel as personal to the email as possible.

Sell the subject in less than 8 seconds and the user will open the email. Share an image with no direction and chances are the email is trashed or even marked as spam.

Remember to keep it direct and simple. Less is more in email marketing.

4. Build Good Blogging Community Relationships.

First of all, most business owners don’t have the time to write their own in-depth content every time, so there are bloggers out there that really know how to generate genuine content about services or tips you cover.

Fresh content = free organic search traffic

The blogging community can also help with supplying backlinks as they work on several websites rather than just one.

Leaving comments that are genuine and relative can start a conversation on any great blog.

Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to find young bloggers who want to get there portfolio larger. Upwork and Fiverr are great sources for finding paid content writers

5. Marketing Classic: Word Of Mouth

Of course we cant forget about the foot work! Word of mouth is the oldest marketing method in the book.

Now I wouldn’t really ask you to spend your day walking around handing out business card or flyers.

Not that it’s a bad thing but… whew..

Most people already do enough moving around in the day to day to leave a trail, right?

Find creative yet respectable ways to catch people’s attention in public. People should see your brand name or website url in an interesting way.

I bet you gain more local website traffic in the first few hours than you think.

Closing out on free website traffic tips

Hopefully I helped you in the mission of getting free website traffic to your new or existing website. If your looking to setup a new site check out our premium cpanel web hosting services.

If you have questions about the points covered above or anything free website traffic related, drop us a line.

Enjoy and keep it pushing! Thanks!

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